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28 Apr 2016    Tips For Optimum Health

1. No Sugar

2. No White Flour

3. No Salt

4. No Meat & Dairy Products

5. No Processed or Canned Food.

6. Only 15% Cooked Food...the Rest Raw.

7. At least 32 oz. Fresh Vegetable Juices and 2-3 Tablespoons Barley Plus a Day, (depending on state of health, more could be needed).

8. Drink At least 8-10 Glasses Pure Water a Day.

9. Exercise Out Doors. 

10. Cultivate Relationship with God and Eliminate Stress.

27 Apr 2016    Have We Been Taught Fallacies About Health?

If you research proper diet and nutrition, one of the first things you will learn is that the average American must first unlearn most of what we have been taught about nutrition, including the four food groups, half of which are animal products.

One fallacy we've been brought to believe is that a high protein diet is a must if you wish to have a high level of health and prevent disease. However, recent studies have determined that proteins, essential and important as they are, can be extremely harmful when consumed in excess of your actual need.

What we know now is that it is easy to reach our minimum daily protein requirements with only fruits and vegetables. Amazing, isn't it!

The 6% and 8% percent figures are more than what most people need, and these higher percentages are intended as a margin of safety. But still, these recommendations are met by many fruits and greatly exceeded by most all vegetables. For example, the percentage of calories provided by protein in spinach is 49%; broccoli 45%; cauliflower 40%; lettuce 34%; peas 30%; green beans 26%; cucumbers 24%; celery 21%; potatoes 11%; honeydew 10%; cantaloupe 9%; strawberry 8%; orange 8%; watermelon 8%; peach 6%; ear 5%; banana 5%; pineapple 3%; and apple 1%. Considering these figures, any nutritionist would have to agree it is very easy for a vegetarian to get sufficient protein.

Another important thing to unlearn is that the need to consume foods or meals containing complete protein is based on an erroneous and outdated myth. A 1914 rat study theory, once accepted by nutritional experts -- is now disregarded. When you think about it, if a human infant can be perfectly nourished during the most rapid period of growth with nothing but 5-percent protein from breast milk, there is no reason to believe that older humans need more protein.

Of course, we're only touching on these subjects here. There are many more myths that need to be exposed.

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