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The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick . . .


How do some people never get sick while the rest of us seem to get a cold or the flu at least once a year? Health journalist, Gene Stone, captured the secrets of 25 people who claim to never get sick in his recent book The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick. If you want to be healthier this year, here are four practical, food-related secrets he discovered to prevent sickness:
1) Garlic.  Researchers at the University of Western Australia found people who started eating garlic regularly reduced their sick days by more than 50%. Garlic has antibacterial and antiviral properties that can help ward off colds or the flu. An easy way to eat more garlic is to include it in a rice or pasta dish a few times a week.
2) Probiotics.  This good bacteria can relieve gastrointestinal conditions and boost your body's immune system. Probiotics that live in your digestive system make it harder for disease-creating germs to move in. Eat one or more of these probiotic-rich foods each day: yogurt with live cultures, sauerkraut, cottage cheese or probiotic-fortified soy milk. You can also take a probiotic supplement found in most natural food stores.
3) Brewer's Yeast.  Most of the brewer's yeast that you can buy from vitamin or health food stores is an extract from yeast used to ferment beer and wine. Brewer's yeast contains B vitamins that the body uses to maintain blood cells and the immune system. Take one tablespoon each day in powdered form, dissolved in water, to get your recommended daily allowance of B vitamins. This simple supplement can also lower your risk of some cancers.
4) Vegetables.  There's a reason your mother always told you to eat your veggies. If you eat a lot of meats and sugars, your diet is probably acidic with not enough alkaline-based foods to balance out your pH levels. Your pH level is a measure of the acidity to alkaline in your body. And recent studies have linked disease to high levels of acidity. Eating vegetables, legumes, and olive oil keeps your body more at a pH "neutral" level and can help you stay healthy.
Stone says, "Since I started researching this book, I haven't been sick once." I hope you'll say the same after trying some of these tips. To preview the contents of "Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick" or order the book, go to: www.amazon.com.


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