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We want to help you become the person you want to be!
We like you and want to help you... AND it's easier than you think... And costs less than you think to have a healthy body, that is if you can put a price tag on feeling good and being healthy.
Everything from preparing your food with the proper kitchen equipment. We have all the top brand names we have tested out ourselves before we offer them to you. We have Champion, Breville Juicers. We have Vita-Mix turbo and K-Tec  High Powered Blenders for when you want to keep the fiber.  And even though we don't stress taking supplements, we do say supplement with a RAW GREEN DRINK such as our winning product BARLEYPLUS... RAW FOOD IN A JAR! Full of minerals and vitamins in the whole food form.

   RAW FOOD IN A JAR! We bring you the very best from our organic farms.

   REMEMBER: "The first step to good health... is yours!

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    Compare to other greens... the best green drink available.

The best kitchen workhorse you will ever encounter! Make soups, salsas, dressings, puddings, raw spaghetti sauce, sauces, ice cream, smoothies, grind nuts, nut butters, grind grains for hot cereal.
REMINDER: Always strive to keep your daily diet 85% raw with 15% cooked. Aiming toward ALL raw which would be the healthiest ofcourse, but most have to transition towards it.




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