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Hello from James:
We might ask ourselves this question,"Why are the same number of Christians sick as the non-Christians?"

The idea or goal is that we are to be in the world but not of the world. A good example is when Daniel did not eat the King's dainties in Daniel 1:8. If we are to be healthy and strong,

we must not eat the world's food, but God's food... fresh raw fruits and vegetables.

A good example is the average neighborhood convinience store. This type of store and many like it, are in my opinion, the epitome of the world's food system that we must stay away from. Slop sugar-water to grease-ball swine's flesh... to processed sugar-coated any and everything for your fleshly choice. This is no way to start or end your day.

Besides eating plenty of fresh raw fruits and vegetables, be sure to drink plenty of clean chemical-free water every day. And if you haven't tried juicing... try it because it's almost a 'must' now days for good health!

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     Both James & Trish are certified "Health Ministers" from Dr. Malkmus' School North Carolina.

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